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Occasionally when I’m really bored (like tonight since I’m still sick and don’t feel like dragging my ass out of bed to go anywhere) I like to search Bradley James’ name on twitter to laugh at what people are tweeting him. I must say, twitter never disappoints. Brava!

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  10. yourfriendsav said: HAHA WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!?!?!?!?!?! it scares me!
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    Jesus fucking christ. Why on earth would anyone send something like that? This is awful.
  13. enefasparable said: Lmfao @ the “please don’t hurt Colin”. Are we still on that? Merlin ended forever ago.
  14. zaynomlinson said: omg wtf
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    These people are seriously fucked.
  16. merlin-the-last-dragon-lord said: Wow, some people are so rude. >.< Poor Bradley.
  17. moguel said: omg I’m cackling
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